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In a world filled with questions, fears, and doubts, answers from God’s word stand the test of time. Doctrinal questions or help for the hurting, you are invited to Ask The Pastor.

Q: Should I read the Bible through every year?
A: While it is certainly not wrong to read through the Bible each year, certain dangers do present themselves. First, it is entirely possible to simply read to accomplish a “duty” without meditation or true study. When this occurs pride often is the result judging people by whether or not they read through the Bible each year. My own advice and experience has been that truly studying, examing, and pondering do more to build up spirituality than a certain amount of reading.

Q: Pastor, I know God’s Word says we are to forgive, so why am I finding it difficult?
A: While Scripture is very clear in it’s command to forgive it is also clear in explaining the basis of forgiveness. There are two key elements to consider: 1) God has said that vengeance is His, He will repay. Every deed will receive a just recompense. We do not have to get even because God said He will take care of it. 2) Sometimes our problem of unforgiveness is caused by our unwillingness to accept the consequences of others actions. It is important to understand that God can heal broken people. We can accept the consequences of others choices because we trust God’s healing and helping. Ultimately, a failure to forgive is a failure to believe God.

“…be ready always to give an answer to every man…”
I Peter 3:15

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Ask your question…