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“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;”
2 Timothy 4:2

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Heavens Cannonball Why Jesus Came Click names below to watch videos
Afterward & Before Having A Merry Heart Revival Hymn KJV
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Are You Taken Care Of? As For Me And My House Christmas Play 08
Losing Your Lunch Comfort In The Resurrection Voice of the Martyrs – Mick McArt
Stop Wrestling God I Want Righteousness • Justin Martyr
Prayer Continue In The Lord • Telemachus
Faith For His Pleasure Not Ours • Alban
Be Faithful – Don’t Faint Honor Thy Mother • 40 Martyrs of Sebaste
Be Not Hasty But Just Love Your Enemies • Patrick Hamilton
Choose The Old Paths No Resurrection without Crucifixion
Sins of Inward Man Why Jesus Came
The Blessings of Bad Times The Great Escape Guest Speaker Sermons
This Is The Day The Gift Of The Church Tom Metz – God Is Real
Blessed Are They… Declare Independance From Sin Jim Perry – Spiritual Ailments
To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice Make Me A Complete Person Mick McArt – Are You Comforted Or Comfortable?
Spirit Of Meekness Losing Fellowship With The Lord King James Bible – Mick McArt
Does God Have First Place? 10/11/09 The World Needs Your Pieces The Book of Jude
Blessed Are The Meek 3-28-10 Heaven Part 1 – 4-4-10
Add To Your Faith 3-31-10 Heaven Part 2 – 4-11-10
Temperance 4-21-10 Before The Resurrection 4-4-10
Long Suffering 4-11-10 Can These Bones Live 7-26-09
Blessed Are They 11-30-08 God is Faithful 9-7-08
Living Not Under Condemnation 9-7-08 Seeking A Sign 8-9-09
The Sinners Prayer 10-5-08 Walking In Gods Love 9-14-08
Be Patient 8-14-11 Judgement Between Christians 8-14-11
Old Scars, New Life 8-21-11 Certanties_3-12-11
A Great High Priest 7-12-09 God is Holy-3-21-11
Beware The Fear of Man 4-18-08 Live Like You Should_7_22_09
Biblical Marriage 8-21-11 There is a Generation_8-2-09
Bitterness 3-6-11 Trusting the Lords Promises_8-2-09
With All Your Heart_7-19-09 Your Conscience_8-24-08
Your trials Are Precious_7-14-09 Building and Battling 3-17-13